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A&M Investigations Specializes In Personal & Insurance Services & Video Surveillance. Our Experts are bilingual in both Spanish & English

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When you sign on with A&M Investigations, you’re signing on with a New Orleans Private Investigator. Your case will be handled by our experts who have over a decade of Investigation experience. Our investigators are provided top of the line equipment and training allowing them to properly and precisely handle every case that they investigate.

When it comes to conducting surveillance and research, our private eyes are rated #1 in the Southeastern United States. Our Private eyes are dedicated to their work, they’re result driven and they understand all of our cases require discretion and efficiency. When you sign up with A&M Investigations LLC, you get the answers you’re looking for without spending more. A&M Investigations is one of the FEW Private Investigation firms to be bilingual in both English and Spanish.

over 10 years of experience

We mean business. Every case is handled by result driven and experienced Private Investigators.

Highly trained investigators

Our experts are given the best equipment and the best training to handle everything that comes their way.

private investigator new orleans

We’ve been providing professional surveillance Investigator services in the state of Louisiana for over 10 years. These areas include all major cities, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, Houma, Lake Charles, Monroe, Hammond, and many more. We’ve just expanded our private investigation services the Mississippi area, centralized around Biloxi, MS.

If you’re looking for New Orleans Private Investigators that keep your best interest in mind, look no further. We’ll work with you every step of the way to provide the best results possible.

Give one of our investigators a call today to schedule your free consultation and let A&M Investigations help you gather the information you need to close your case.

Committed to helping our clients get the results they’re looking for

Private Investigator, New Orleans

New Orleans Personal Private Investigator Services

Personal Services

Missing Persons, Child Custody Matters, Pre-Marital: Background & Assets, Child Abuse

insurance paper

Insurance Surveillance

Workers’ Compensation, Jones Act, Longshoreman, Property & Casualty Claims

New Orleans Research

Research Department

Traffic Searches, Driving Records, Subpoena, Activity Search, Pre-Employment check, Undercover Employee

New Orleans Subpoenas

Database Searches

Location of Missing Persons, Address Search, Vehicles Insurance Data, Motor Vehicle Registration

New Orleans Research


A & M Investigations LLC thoroughly researches every case and subject prior to going on the job – get the records you’re looking for with help from our New Orleans area office.

New Orleans Subpoenas

Serving Subpoenas

We will pick-up, personally walk your Motion to Appoint Private Process Server through the court system, serve the subpoena(s), clock the subpoena(s) and return them to you.

Professional and experienced Private Investigators

Why choose A&M Investigations for your Surveillance needs

step one

Fully Equipped

We’re a fully equipped private investigation firm, ready to handle any investigation our client needs.

step two

Excellent Communication

Our communication is the best in the industry. We make sure that you’re informed each and every step of the way.

step three

Result Driven

Our team consists of private investigators who place results and privacy above all.

Let our experience be your guide 

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Recent Posts

When to Hire a Private Investigator

Situations may arise where you need the help a professional investigator/private detective, whether that is through concern for a loved one, your own safety, or a corporate matter such as issues with a competitor or employee background checks.
In such cases, A&M Investigations can provide you with urgent support from an experienced investigator. We study each case with the utmost care to advise our clients in their best interests and adopt the most appropriate course of action.

How a Detective Can Help Your Case

When you need to collect evidence: 

Are you involved in a trial? Perhaps you need a solid proof that will be presented in the trial. Our professional investigator can assist you. They will help you uncover information that is necessary for a dispute or in a lawsuit. Typical cases include fake charges, search for assets and searching for missing persons.

When you need to monitor someone:

A&M Investigations can perform extensive surveillance on people or property on your behalf. Without violating privacy laws, we can provide you with the information that you need. This service is typical in cases of unfaithfulness, missing people, private and corporate fraud, as well as theft.

When you suspect you’re being scammed:

Fraud is more prevalent than ever before. A common example is insurance fraud, where a customer lies to the company to earn money. Our investigations always begin with a meeting with the client to understand why he/she suspects fraud. We then recommend extensive investigations and if necessary, police reports and prosecutions.

When you need a background check:

Perhaps you are hiring a new employee? Getting to know a new tenant? Looking for an investment object? If so, you may want to take a check to find background information. Even if you already know some information, it is often the case that a professional will be able to reveal much more than you can do. During hiring, it is common practice for individuals to provide false information about their previous work, education, organization reporting, professional licenses, litigation, and experience. We perform both extensive background checks and simple digital background checks.

When someone is missing:

Our private investigators will help you find missing children, relatives, old friends and other loved ones whose disappearance may have been as a result of foul play, mental health issues or substance abuse.

Other services include:

  • Asset Searches
  • Background checks
  • Child Custody
  • Civil & Criminal investigations
  • Credit checks
  • Skip Tracing
  • Serving Subpoenas
  • Homicide
  • Insurance Fraud 
  • Location Search
  • Missing Persons
  • Narcotics
  • Pre-employment checks
  • Pre-Marital (Activities/background checks)
  • Surveillance (Photo / Video) 
  • White Collar Crime Investigations
  • Embezzlement Investigations
  • Loss Prevention
  • Data Searches
  • Domestic & Divorce
  • Expert Court Surveillance

What makes A&M Investigations right for the job?


Over the years, our team of private detectives and investigators has gained rich experience and knowledge, which helps them to quickly understand our clients’ cases and suggest strategies, approaches, and workarounds to get the job done in the shortest possible time.


We make sure no stone is left unturned as we conduct investigations on your behalf. Our team of private detectives and investigators come from diverse backgrounds, but each one truly understands that they are problem solvers on your behalf.


Integrity defines the way we operate and carry out investigations. We are committed to a 100% legal and transparent approach to our work. This level of integrity gives our clients confidence in the fact that we will always get to the truth in a way that is fully compliant with the law.


Discretion: We understand that many of the issues our clients are dealing with are of a sensitive nature. All information provided to and from our clients is held in the strictest of confidence. We will not share your information with third parties and gathered evidence would be securely destroyed when no longer required by our clients.

Proven Track Record:

Most of our business comes from returning clients or recommendations from them. We strive to build close personal relationships with every client.

Modern techniques and technology:

We are constantly upgrading the range of equipment and investigative techniques available to our New Orleans private detectives and staff. Where surveillance is required, we use the most efficient, latest equipment, which often has the added benefit of reducing client costs.

We know Louisiana:

Our investigators and detectives are locals and know the lay of the land. This knowledge gives them strong coverage of all parts of the state of Louisiana. Whether in popular city locations or small remote towns, we simply blend in.

To find out more about how we can help you, feel free to get in touch with us today HERE.

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I am very impressed with the manner in which my case was handled. The team of investigators assigned to my case were efficient, timely, and professional. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking investigative services.
Esta compañia trabaja bien con la jente hispana!
Yamil H.
Love the fast and good work. Thank you Mr. Moncada.
Lesli W.
I was in search for a New Orleans Private Investigator and came across A&M Investigations. They exceeded my expectations! They closed my case and documented everything. Thank you A&M Investigations!
Jimmy K