How to get child custody by using a private investigator

Updated On 8/12/2023: If you’re currently going through divorce, we just wrote an article about how to handle divorce and how to protect your children throughout the process.

Most people involved in child custody cases don’t know how to go through the process get child custody or what they need to win the case. But a private investigator can help turn the evidence in your direction. The investigator carries out several investigative functions to collect the necessary information to prove your claims.

So what does a child custody Investigation entails?

child custody battleThe investigation monitors the child’s treatment and welfare and in a just manner. A private investigator may assess how the parents treat the child and report this to the court.
During an investigation, he may conduct surveillance the parent and record and report any instances of neglect or abuse. The investigator carries out this act by taking making audio recordings, taking pictures, and recording video of the parent communicating with the child.
Other elements a private investigator may add in his surveillance include criminal activity, reckless driving, drug abuse gambling and other illicit activities that may impact the children negatively.
Further, the investigator may check if the environment is safe and clean. He May Also check for other necessities, including food, living space, and living conditions.

Understanding Child Custody

A common question parents ask investigators is how to win a child custody battle. But it’s vital for parents hiring an investigator to know the types of child custody.

  • Physical Custody: It refers to where the kids live regularly. It’s shared by the parents or awarded to just one parent.
  • Legal Custody: It means that you’re in charge of making vital decisions about things in your children’s lives. This includes welfare, school, health, religious, and psychological issues.
  • Sole custody: Sole physical custody always goes to the parent that’s always with children. But the other parent can make out time to visit the kids regularly. It’s called parenting time or visitation.
  • Joint custody: It’s a court order where child custody is given to both parties. In this type of child custody, the kids have two custodial parents.

Why you need a private investigator to win a custody battle

child custodyIf you’re worried about the safety and health of your children, you need to find how to get child custody. You can achieve this by bringing facts to the proverbial table.
Most of all, a judge won’t revoke or grant custody without facts and evidence. This is where a private investigator comes in. You’ll be amazed to know that a private investigator is can change the outcome of a child custody battle. A private investigator plays many roles during a child custody battle. It includes the following:

  • To question witnesses: A private investigator can help gather information by questioning witnesses who are involved in the children’s life. The witnesses may include teachers, neighbors, counselors, and other individuals.
  • To search for asset: A private investigator can find hidden assets and argue that one of the parents is attempting to evade his or her financial responsibilities to the child.
  • To carry out background Checks: A private investigator will check the personal and criminal record of the people who the parent has involved in children’s life.

What will a private Investigator examine?

Since a private investigator makes certain that your child is safe, the evaluation will focus on:

  • The parent’s morality
  • The home environment (is it healthy and safe?)
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Parenting skills
  • Criminal record
  • The presence of emotional and physical violence

How to use the evidence provided by the Investigator

  • You can use the information in three ways.
  • To feel relaxed when your kids are with the other parent
  • To provide evidence that your kids aren’t safe with the other parent
  • To prove your innocence

During a divorce or custody battle, the other party might accuse you wrong of inappropriate behavior. But hiring a private investigator can help prove your innocence. The investigator will show that you interact with your kids and provide a loving and safe home for them.

Your Next Steps

If you don’t know how to win a child custody battle or if you want to gain the custody of your kids, a private investigator can offer you the best help.  A&M Investigations LLC has the needed skills and experience to help win a child custody battle. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

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