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Baton Rouge Private Investigator

In today’s world, private investigators take on a variety of cases. In some instances, they may be needed by insurance companies to look into claims that may be fraudulent. In other situations, they may be hired by a spouse who suspects their partner is having an affair, or perhaps be used by a family to locate a missing loved one. Whatever the situation, it is important to work with an investigator who has the experience, knowledge, and good judgment needed to handle these situations. If you need the services of a Baton Rouge private investigator, contact us for assistance.

Experienced Investigators

When you need a private investigator to conduct surveillance on a spouse who may be cheating or an employee who may be stealing from your company, rely on us to get the job done. Using our prior experience in law enforcement and our knowledge of the criminal justice system and various investigative techniques, we can conduct an investigation discreetly and efficiently, allowing you to get answers to crucial questions as fast as possible.
over 10 years of experience

We mean business. Every case is handled by result driven and experienced Private Investigators.

Highly trained investigators

Our experts are given the best equipment and the best training to handle everything that comes their way.

Licensed and Insured

In some situations, individuals will refer to themselves as private investigators despite their not possessing any training or licensing. However, that won’t be the case when you place your trust in us. Fully-licensed, accredited, and insured, you can be confident that the investigator who will be in charge of your case has the proper credentials and expertise needed to solve the toughest of cases.

Variety of Investigator Services

Since it is likely you have rarely if ever needed the services of a private investigator, you may have questions as to the types of services we offer. When you work with a Baton Rouge private investigator here at our agency, you will have access to investigators who are trained to offer a variety of services. Using past experience as well as current training in state-of-the-art technology, our investigators can use complex and little-known computer databases to find out critical information that may help in locating missing persons. In other instances, they can use forensic investigative techniques to examine evidence or records related to suspicious insurance claims. Whatever your situation, we can listen to your concerns and advise you as to the best way to proceed.

Discreet and Confidential

Many times when clients need private investigators to conduct surveillance on spouses, employees, or others, discretion and confidentiality is essential. Otherwise, it may be impossible to get the information needed to answer important questions as to a person’s guilt or innocence. By placing your trust and confidence in us, you can be sure the investigator assigned to you will always use discretion and confidentiality to ensure only you know what has transpired.

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I am very impressed with the manner in which my case was handled. The team of investigators assigned to my case were efficient, timely, and professional. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking investigative services.
Esta compañia trabaja bien con la jente hispana!
Yamil H.
Love the fast and good work. Thank you Mr. Moncada.
Lesli W.
I was in search for a New Orleans Private Investigator and came across A&M Investigations. They exceeded my expectations! They closed my case and documented everything. Thank you A&M Investigations!
Jimmy K
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